About Us.

Chalk N Cheese Bar & Kitchen is Vic Park’s new local hot spot!

Run by the Chalker family, Chalk N Cheese is a fully licensed small bar & kitchen that aims to provide a warm and cosy venue that provides good honest Modern Australian cuisine designed to share with friends and family. Along with delicious eats, Chalk N Cheese is home to a juicy rotating wine list and a fridge full of local and interstate brews. Don’t worry we didn’t forget the cocktails!

So what makes us Chalk & Cheese? Our name speaks to the two different areas within our venue that gives you two different experiences! We have our “Chalk” which is referencing our casual bar side of the venue where you can rally your mates on Mario Kart and watch the footy. We then have our “Cheese” side which is the restaurant section of our venue where you can book a table for breakfast/lunch or dinner. Of course our entire menu can be enjoyed either side!

As C & C is family run, family is important to us, thus why Sunday’s are fully dedicated to hosting your family -with kids eating free and the ultimate of Sunday Roasts!

What else can you expect from C & C? Here is a quick overview:

  • GET HAPPY Wednesday - Sunday 4pm-6pm with $10 cocktails, $5 wines & $8 stines!

  • Wednesdays are all about getting through to the weekend so that means $20 Steak & Parmi night + complimentary beer or wine with your meal! Our entire share menu will also be available! Bring your friends down for a rally on the Nintendo Switch & Mario Cart. We will always have some amazing drinks specials on Wednesday to get you over the mid week slump.

  • Enjoy the sweet sounds of Live Music every Friday night!

  • Breakfast will be served from 8am every Saturday & Sunday! Why not a champagne Breakfast at one of our monthly Bottomless Brunches?

  • Sundays are FAMILY DAY with kids eating FREE from 8am and all day long! With face painting and cartoons on the big screen, we want to cater for your family. Don’t worry of course there will be a Sunday Roast with a glass of wine! So bring your family and join ours at C & C’s on Sundays!

*Formally The Precinct Vic Park